Therapist Frequently Asked Questions...

This page provides answers to questions often asked by our registered therapists.

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What if the patient is getting swelling after a few days?

Be sure the patient is easing into the garments slowly enough so that the body can get “use” to the pressure from a vascular point of view.

Where do I put extra information or particulars about an order?

Please note that billing information and garment information go to different departments. Please put billing information on the invoice/order form and garment information on the measuring charts. This allows us to be more efficient with your order!

What about allergies?

If you think the patient is having an allergic reaction:
Take the garment off immediately.
Check to see if all areas covered by the garment are affected.
Discontinue use of the garment until a proper assessment can be done.

NOTE: Recovery Garment Centre's fabric is a nylon-lycra blend that does not contain latex.

Where should I put garment details?

On the measuring chart, where noted rather than the invoice order form.

How do I know if I need inserts

It depends on the body part involved and how concave it is. Contact RGC to discuss if needed.

I need a revision done. Should I do it or have RGC do it?

It depends on the revision and your level of training. Contact RGC to discuss.

Please contact us if you have a question that is not answered here.