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What are Pressure Garments?

Pressure garments are tight-fitting, custom-made garments which are worn on the injured or edematous area to help heal the condition. They are engineered using precise body measurements and made from a lycra nylon fabric.

How long do Pressure Garments last?

The garment should last at least two or four months if it is treated with care and washing instructions are followed.

What if I stop wearing my pressure garment too soon?

Hypertrophic scarring may begin again after a few hours of not wearing the garment. Be sure to have an assessment with your therapist and doctor to determine if you are finished wearing pressure garments.

What if my garment needs revisions?

Recovery Garment Centre provides an "on the spot" revision service in our office at the time of delivery. If delivery is in clinic or if major changes are required, we keep the garment and courier it to you the next day. For mail orders, please call with any requests. We will fix and return garment revisions within two business days of receipt.

When should I wear my pressure garment?

A pressure garment should be worn, 23 1/2 hours a day where possible. Hypertrophic scarring can begin again after a few hours of not wearing the garment.

How long will I have to wear a pressure garment?

The length of time required for wearing the garment varies from several months to more than a year, depending on the severity of the injury.

The garment is ripped. What should I do?

Call Recovery Garment Centre or ask your therapist about it. If you fix it yourself, the warranty becomes null and void.

The garment feels too loose. What should I do?

First make sure that it is properly positioned on your body. If it still feels too loose call Recovery Garment Centre.

The garment feels too tight. What should I do?

Take the garment off immediately. Check with your therapist regarding edema fluctuations to see if this is a factor. Make sure you are easing into garment wear slowly enough. Call Recovery Garment Centre and let your therapist know.

Can I put pressure garments in the washing machine?

Yes you can, on the delicate cycle. You can put them in the dryer on fluff, (no heat).

What does graduated pressure mean?

Graduated pressure means that the pressure exerted by the garment at the extremity is at the highest end of the pressure range with the pressure decreasing from that point.

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