Pressure Garment Warranty

Orders for Recovery Garment Centre pressure garments are taken only when prescribed by a doctor. Our services include measuring, fitting and revisions. All garments will require a one to two week delivery period. Any necessary follow-up revisions will be done during specified appointment times.

If a garment requires more extensive revisions, it may not be possible to do these at the clinic, and patients may need to come to Recovery Garment Centre. For mail order, your garments can be couriered back to us. We return revisions the same day. However, it is the patient's responsibility to inform us if a garment needs revising at any time, or if he/she is ready to re-order. Reminder cards with a re-order date are given with each garment delivery.

Recovery Garment Centre cannot be held responsible for allergic reactions to any components of our garments or injury due to misuse of pressure garments. Recovery Garment Centre cannot be held responsible for revisions done to our garments by persons other than by the RGC qualified team. We guarantee our garments for both proper fit and durability, with normal wear and tear, for 30 days from the date of delivery. Patients must be fit within 3 weeks after measuring for this warranty to apply.

However, we do charge for the following reasons:

1. Any revisions or repairs required after the 30 days warranty period.

2. Revisions due to any weight loss or gain of over 10 pounds
from the date of measuring.

3. Revisions due to changes in the body resulting from surgery,
or edema, after the delivery date.

4. Changes due to patients/therapists altering garments themselves. If there
is a problem, please call us and we will discuss it with you.
If garments are altered by the patient/therapist and need repairs, we will
charge for the time required to repair them, if necessary, and this
warranty may be discontinued.

5. Revisions necessary as a result of improper care of the garment
(e.g., scrubbing too vigorously while washing, using oils, not
allowing creams or lotions to absorb into skin well enough
before donning garment, hanging garment in the sun or near
a heater, etc.).

Garment Care Instructions

6. Additions to garments that were not a part of the original
order, e.g., pockets, foam inserts, extra closures, etc.

Patients will be billed directly for these charges at $40.00 per hour. Most funding agencies will not cover these fees.