How to order from RGC
Orders for Recovery Garment Centre pressure garments are taken only when prescribed by a doctor.

Our services include measuring, delivery and fitting. All garments will require a one to two-week delivery period.

Orders can be placed by coming directly to our Toronto office or by being measured via a registered therapist (O.T., P.T.) at another location (see insert for locations)

Orders for RGC can be placed by fax to:
416-762-2215 or calling RGC for an appointment at
416-762-3327 / toll free number : 1(844)839-3327.

RGC also holds satellite clinics at various hospitals, where we measure and fit patients. Please call us for details about our clinics.

Ordering custom pressure garments requires precise body measurements. We want to insure you receive the best fitting garment possible so be sure to review our measuring instructions.

The following documentation must accompany each order:
  • Our invoice order form
  • Burn assessment chart
  • Measuring Charts- see measuring section
  • Doctors prescription or ADP form (Ontario)
For payment we accept cash, cheque or credit card payment via PayPal (see PayPal instructions). If you have any question, call us : (416) 762-3327 / toll free number : 1 (844) 839-3327.

Garment Revisions
Any necessary follow-up revisions will be done during specified appointment times. If a garment requires extensive revisions, patients may need to come to Recovery Garment Centre. For mail order, your garments can be couriered back to us. We do revisions the same day they are received. We courier the garments back the same or next day. Please note that it is the patient's responsibility to inform us if a garment needs revising at any time, or if he/she is ready to re-order. Labels with a re-order date are placed on the package of each garment delivered.