Personalized Service
Our Personalized Service!

We get to know our patients, local and mail order. Our personalized support system means when you call, we know your patient by name. We can discuss with you their burn, condition or injury and come up with the best design, details and options for your order. We are with you through the ordering process and can connect via Skype or Telehealth if you need visual support.

Within the greater Toronto area (GTA) Recovery Garment Centre measures and fits our own patients. This allows us to give outstanding attention to a patients particular needs.

Our personalized service also extends to registered therapists across Canada. Therapists have access to many of our resources and can have direct contact with the technicians actually constructing their order.

Our team of technicians is skilled in all aspects of your order. They can measure, draft, cut, sew and fit custom garments. Their involvement in all stages of garment construction allows us to resolve any issues that may arise. It also means we can “revise” your garments as needed, the same day we receive them. See
Revisions Service under Products.

RGC has a one-week delivery service, the fastest in the industry! We also offer a rush (1-2 day) service and there are no duty or cross border charges!