For Our Lymphedema Patients

Recovery Garment Centre began manufacturing custom-made pressure garments for primary and secondary Lymphedema patients in 1994. We have established a respected presence in the Lymphedema field since that time.

Why do I need pressure garments?

To understand why pressure garments work it is helpful to understand the nature of your condition. There are two types of Lymphedema. The first is primary Lymphedema which is inherited. Secondary Lymphedema is a malfunction of the lymphatic system, secondary to an acquired health problem.

In either case the lymph system is not functioning normally, inhibiting the normal transport of lymph fluid in the body and resulting in chronic swelling. Chronic Lymphedema can be a trying and difficult condition to manage. Pressure garments are tight fitting custom made devices designed with a “graduated” pressure to “mimic” how a normal lymph system would function and thereby provide a decrease in swelling and relief.

Your Doctor will prescribe the appropriate pressure needed and length per day of wear. We will customize your order to meet your specific needs.

Please note: We are now a dealer for “Juzo” Compression garments as well!