For Our Burn Patients:

To understand about your burn scars, normal skin consists of a series of three layers. The lower layers contain blood vessels, nerves and glands which nourish the skin and keep it functioning properly. The top layer serves as a “protector” to the other layers and gives the skin its smooth appearance.

When skin has been badly burned, the nerves, blood vessels and sweat glands in the skin are seriously damaged. As the skin begins to grow back, it does so in an unruly, “wild” manner and appears unsightly, raised and gnarled. This is known as hypertrophic scarring.

Why do I need pressure garments?
To prevent burn injury scarring, constant pressure is needed over the burn area. Wearing pressure garments, or “Recovery Garments,” as we like to call them, is a means of applying this pressure to the affected area so that your skin can grow back smoothly. This can greatly reduce the scarring that would otherwise occur.

The wearing of pressure garments is a simple, safe form of therapy that can make a major difference in your healing process.

Please note: We are a dealer for “Juzo” Compression garments as well!